Beatifully natural women's activewear made here in the UK

We are all becoming more aware of our responsibilities to save our planet.

So not only does Red Jasper focus on using natural and sustainable fabrics for our garments but we also want to help minimise our carbon footprint, To achieve this, our clothing had to be manufactured here in the UK

Nowadays there is far less enthusiasm amongst consumers for fast fashion items made cheaply overseas and more interest in clothing being manufactured closer to home.

Fortunately, there are some amazing manufacturers here in the UK where the focus is on quality and creativity. We are extremely lucky to be working with one such company with both the expertise and the latest technology to produce beautifully made garments for us.

Who are the experts that Red Jasper work with?

Specialist Factory producing activewear and knitwear for select high end brands

The unique facility we chose to work with started out manufacturing thermal wear many years ago. They work exclusively for private label brands in the UK, Europe and the United states and operate in in an ethical and sustainable way. Over time they have evolved and now use state of the art machinery to produce high end quality designer sportswear and loungewear. For all these reasons, they make a perfect partner for Red Jasper!.

Their ethos is to set high standards in everything they do for their employees too. That means hiring locally, providing a safe working environment and a fair wage.

Because they are based centrally in England, we can communicate with and visit regularly to ensure our high standards are being met.

Add to that, our transportation is kept to a minimum so we can keep our carbon footprint down as well.

Meet The Team

The superb team of machinists have all worked together for many years and are responsible for production planning, fabric lay out & cutting, sewing and finishing your clothes. 

Pattern designer and size development

Sinead is our pattern designer, cutter, sealer and grader who has extensive experience across women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and particularly specialises in jersey wear. We have worked together to create and perfect the designs and patterns to achieve the superior fit that suits the body shapes and sizing of all women today. Her revolutionary new “Modesty sizing” concept is based on extensive research and development and is perfect for Red Jaspers ethos of proving simply styled, well-fitting active and leisurewear garments to flatter all body shapes. She uses the most up to date technology to achieve Innovative pattern design, spot on accuracy with attention to detail so that we can achieve superior fitting garments for you.

Nature Knows Best

Fabric Story

All our Tops and Leggings are made with beautiful natural, sustainable fabrics.

Lyocell, Modal & Cotton fibres have so many wonderful properties including excellent moisture absorption, breathability and antibacterial qualities making them perfect for our women's activewear and especially for those with even the most sensitive skin.


Natural sustainable materials, eco friendly packaging, minimal waste production processes, reduced carbon footprint by manufacturing and despatching from one location here in the UK are some of the practises we maintain to help keep the impact on our natural resources low which protects our ecosystem and will improve the quality of our lives both now and for future generations.

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