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I have often asked myself why it is so difficult to find a simple well-fitting T shirt made with natural fibres for my exercise classes and leisurewear

With so many activewear brands on the market today I still struggled to find  comfortable activewear for my Yoga and Pilates practise that suited my tall figure and provided the cover where in needed it.

So, I started designing and making my own.

I soon discovered that friends and fellow class companions also shared their gripes about the lack of suitable activewear for their maturing bodies They didn’t like covering “bingo wings” and bigger tummies with clingy polyester fabric! That gave me the impetus to try and commercially produce my garments for every woman no matter what age, size or shape to enjoy wearing.

So, after nearly 2 years of planning, research, product development and with many trials and tribulations along the way I am proud to launch Red Jasper, my very own range of garments to suit us “not so perfect” ladies who don’t want to wear crop tops and racer back vests!

My first collection focuses on a simple, yet very wearable T-shirt and leggings set that will take you from yoga practise or gentle exercise through to walking the dog, doing the supermarket shop and meeting friends for coffee.

We hope our garments will give you the confidence to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.


Why Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is a fire red coloured gemstone which is beautifully aligned with the base chakra so it’s incredibly grounding whilst promoting energy, strength and wellbeing!

It’s a stone that brings balance, stamina, courage, and the inner strength of a warrior. It’s lush, it's deep, and it's utterly nurturing for the soul!  A perfect identity for our activewear range.

Nature Knows Best

Fabric Story

All our Tops and Leggings are made with beautiful natural, sustainable fabrics.

Lyocell, Modal & Cotton fibres have so many wonderful properties including excellent moisture absorption, breathability and antibacterial qualities making them perfect for our women's activewear and especially for those with even the most sensitive skin.


Natural sustainable materials, eco friendly packaging, minimal waste production processes, reduced carbon footprint by manufacturing and despatching from one location here in the UK are some of the practises we maintain to help keep the impact on our natural resources low which protects our ecosystem and will improve the quality of our lives both now and for future generations.

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