On my journey to create wearable activewear garments for women I realised I also wanted to create a brand that helped to reduce the environmental impact that is often seen as a problem with the wider fashion industry, namely with “fast fashion” practises and poor-quality harmful fabrics.

So, determined to do  my best to protect our planet I have focused on developing Red Jasper to embrace sustainability wherever possible.


During my initial research on fabrics, I was shocked to learn that polyester is one of the most harmful fabrics for the environment. It pollutes our rivers and oceans.

It takes hundreds of years to decompose so every piece of polyester clothing you buy will still exist long after you’ve got rid of it.

Add to that, the harmful effects polyester has on our bodies because of the harsh chemicals used in production, Not nice!

All our garments are made from 100% high quality natural materials with no harmful chemicals.

We use Lyocell, Modal and cotton mixes which are super soft and extremely kind to the skin as well as washing well. You can find more details on their benefits on the Fabric Story page.

Lyocell and Modal textiles are made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp which comes from sustainable forests. The production process is extremely environmentally friendly as it uses nontoxic chemicals whilst recycling and reusing water and solvents. Both fabrics are 100% biodegradable.


Carbon Footprint

If you buy and wear a Red Jasper garment then congratulate yourself for helping to reduce your CO2 carbon footprint because everything is made ethically here in the UK. 

We not only manufacture in the UK but also source as many components and services as close by as possible to keep the footprint to a minimum.

We also fulfill and despatch all our garments from the same location they are made.

You can read about our manufacturing partners on the Made in the UK page.

Branding & Packaging

How many times have you removed branding tags and cut off labels from new clothes you buy and throw them straight away?
Tags and labels are such as waste so we use Heat Transfer labels located inside the garment to tell you just what you need to know and pack your items in biodegradable garment bags and send them to you in eco-friendly paper delivery packaging.

Nature Knows Best

Fabric Story

All our Tops and Leggings are made with beautiful natural, sustainable fabrics.

Lyocell, Modal & Cotton fibres have so many wonderful properties including excellent moisture absorption, breathability and antibacterial qualities making them perfect for our women's activewear and especially for those with even the most sensitive skin.


Natural sustainable materials, eco friendly packaging, minimal waste production processes, reduced carbon footprint by manufacturing and despatching from one location here in the UK are some of the practises we maintain to help keep the impact on our natural resources low which protects our ecosystem and will improve the quality of our lives both now and for future generations.

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